Phonocut: a device for recording music on vinyl records

Recently a new device appeared on Kickstarter - Phonocut, with which you can record your music on

vinyl record.

How it works

The device is quite simple to use. To record a melody, you need to put a blank disc inside, connect a sound source and press the start button. After that, the gadget will begin to cut grooves on the plate during music playback. There is enough space on each side for 15 minutes of music. You can play it on any player.

And although this is quite interesting, the qualityThe sound will be different from the factory one. And this is not surprising: a consumer-grade invention will not be as accurate as industrial equipment. Also, during cutting, dust and debris will appear, which can damage the stylus of the player.

However, for those who want to record their selection of songs or even their own music onto vinyl, the Phonocut is a smart buy. It can be pre-ordered for €999.