Photo Galaxy Fold before and after revision: what has changed

The fate of the Galaxy Fold, as you know, was in a non-standard way.

was able to start its official sales, as it turned out that the smartphone is still raw and hasFor several months in a row, nothing was heard about a phone with a foldable display.We could only speculate on when it would be launched again.Now the company has finally given an official response, publishing several photos that show what changes were made in the process of revision.

What has changed in the Galaxy Fold?

So, after several bloggers found a number of problems in the new Galaxy Fold, the manufacturer immediately began to refine the phone so as not to fall into the dirt on its face.We now have "before" and "after" photos at our disposal, thanks to which we can compare the two versions of the Galaxy Fold.

In addition, Samsung has finally chosenGalaxy Fold restart date in September. This statement was also made through the official blog of the manufacturer, along with a list of changes. Until September, the Korean will continue testing the revised Galaxy Fold so that new users will not encounter problems, as happened with the first customers.

As for the protective film on the screen, which most of the users of Galaxy Fold for some reason wanted to remove, now it has become a little more. And the temptation to remove it from the screen is no more.

Также среди изменений можно отметить, что верх и The bottom of the hinge has been reinforced with T-shaped plastic caps. The back of this hinge has also been redesigned to reduce the space between the hinge and the body of the Galaxy Fold, as specified by Samsung. Some other changes, however, are not visible in these images. Samsung did add “metal layers underneath the Infinity Flex screen to enhance its protection.