Photo of the first phone Xiaomi and Meitu with a triple folding camera

Last year, Xiaomi and Meitu entered into a partnership agreement whereby Xiaomi will produce

and sell devices under the brand Meitu like uyourself at home in China and abroad. Xiaomi will also receive a global license to use Meitu technology and domain names. Some time ago, a teaser photo appeared on the Web, which most likely depicted the first smartphone developed jointly by the two companies. And he has one interesting detail.

The first smartphone Meitu

The photo shows the first Meitu brand phone withfolding camera, which clearly reminds us of a similar camera ASUS Zenfone 6 / ASUS 6z. However, unlike ASUS, the camera module here is a bit larger, since it includes three lenses at once. If we talk about design, it is something between a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and ASUS Zenfone 6. The device has a pink gradient, curved edges and pink buttons. Who the target market is already, in my opinion, clear.

Unfortunately, no technical details anddetails about the characteristics of the camera yet, but probably this camera will include a 48 MP sensor. We are almost sure that this novelty will get exciting opportunities for a selfie-camera, and, maybe, will even become a telephone-king in terms of front camera capabilities.

The text in the photo is translated as "Mate" and"Little Fairy." This is not the first time that the name "Little Fairy" is mentioned. The Weibo post, previously published by Lin Bin from Xiaomi, also mentions this name.

We do not know when exactly this device will be launched to the masses, but we are definitely interested in this new product.