Photos of the new Galaxy Fold hit the Net

Samsung is not surprised by the first generation of a folding Galaxy Fold smartphone with a folding display

managed. Hurrying up with the launch, the manufacturer ran into serious problems with the new product, because of which I had to take a timeout. It is possible that with the second generation the story will be more successful. By the way, we can already guess how it will look.

The first Galaxy Fold photos appeared on Weibo. The photo shows a device similar to a traditional clamshell. This phone can be folded into a compact palm-sized one. Thus, it becomes small enough and can easily fit in your pocket. On the back panel next to the digital clock you can see two cameras.

Foreign resource Bloomberg first reported back inMarch that Samsung plans to release two additional models of folding smartphones to change the Galaxy Fold. One has been described as a folding device that folds from top to bottom, as shown in the images. Another upscale folding smartphone is reportedly under development.

Samsung actually shared conceptualimages of their folding device back in October, and these photos, in fact, have similarities with them. Samsung did not give any details about when it plans to launch the phone on the market, but earlier this month, Bloomberg announced that the Galaxy Fold folding device will be released in February along with the Galaxy S11.

A recent Bloomberg report states thatthe successor to the Galaxy Fold will get the same five-camera setup as the Galaxy S11, but the device on these leaked images seems to have only two cameras. It is possible that Samsung decided that it does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Galaxy's new clamshell expectedFold will be more affordable than its predecessor. There is no rumor that Apple plans to release a foldable smartphone in the near future, but the American tech giant is undoubtedly exploring folding devices. In the past, Apple has patented some folding display technologies.