Physicists do quantum teleportation of data to a diamond

During the study, physicists planned to test the hypothesis of quantum teleportation of data into the inaccessible

place - scientists chose a diamond as it.

Formed from related but locatedSeparate carbon atoms, diamond contains ideal conditions for quantum teleportation. The carbon atom contains in its nucleus six protons and six neutrons surrounded by six rotating electrons. When atoms bind into a diamond, they form a particularly strong lattice. The structure of the nucleus of a nitrogen atom surrounded by carbon atoms creates a nanomagnet.

To manipulate the electrode and isotopecarbon, the researchers attached a wire about a quarter the width of a human hair to the surface of the diamond. The physicists then fired microwaves at the diamond to create an oscillating magnetic field around it.

Using microwave and radio waves,The researchers forced the electron's spin to become intertwined with the nuclear spin of carbon. The former is destroyed by the magnetic field generated by the nanomagnet, making it susceptible to entanglement.

As soon as the two parts are tangled - their physicalthe characteristics are so intertwined that they cannot be described separately - a photon is introduced that contains quantum information and the electron absorbs the photon. The absorption allows one to transfer the polarization state of the photon to carbon, which is mediated by the entangled electron.