Physicists explain how auroras form on Mars

In a new study, physicists have studied discrete auroras. It occurs mainly at night in the southern

hemisphere of the Red Planet.There are three types of auroras on Mars: proton, diffuse, and discrete. None of them are visible to the naked eye. To observe them, you need to use special equipment.

Although scientists knew about individual aurorason Mars, the nature of their formation remained poorly understood. This is because the Red Planet does not have a global magnetic field, like the Earth, which is the main trigger for their appearance.

The discrete aurora on Mars is determined bythe interaction between the solar wind - a constant stream of charged particles from the Sun - and magnetic fields created by the crust at the southern latitudes of Mars. Scientists have found that the nature of this localized interaction is what gives rise to the aurora.

“Our main conclusion is that withinIn the region of the strong field of the Earth's crust, the frequency of occurrence of auroras mainly depends on the orientation of the magnetic field of the solar wind. And outside the region of the strong field of the earth's crust - from the dynamic pressure of the solar wind, ”the authors of the study note.

In the new study, scientists have made more than 200 observations of discrete auroras on Mars using data from the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutionN (MAVEN) spacecraft.

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