Physicists first created a facility that generates electricity from the cosmic cold.

Researchers have developed an infrared semiconductor device that faces the sky and

generates electricity due to the difference between the temperature of the Earth and outer space.

The device works on the reverse principle of a solar battery - it does not collect sunlight, but captures infrared radiation returning to space.

While the installation capacity is extremely low - insteadof the planned 4 watts per square meter, it produces only 64 nW. However, the device was the first installation to generate electricity from the temperature difference on Earth and in space, and further development will improve its efficiency, the study says.

Previously, a group of scientists from Stanford Universityproposed an alternative method for storing excess energy that remains from other methods of energy production. Using methane, scientists will be able to store energy better than lithium-ion batteries, and it can be used in calm or cloudy weather.