Physicists have created a quantum wave amplifier - it will allow you to connect quantum computers to a network

Квантовая запутанность — это явление, при котором две частицы, атомы, фотоны или электроны, поддерживают

connection, even if they are on opposite sidesends of the Universe. By learning to harness entanglement, scientists will be able to exchange unhackable messages and ultimately create a super-fast “quantum internet.”

Scientists have experimented with miniaturemirrors reflecting microwave radiation. They are ultra-thin silicon films suspended in such a way that the pressure of the particles of light causes them to oscillate. Researchers simultaneously fired mirrors from two microwave wave emitters.

As a result of the experiment, physicists found thatwhen the mirrors are cooled to temperatures close to absolute zero, the microwave rays become entangled at the quantum level and become one, even though they were separated by a meter from the measurements.

Imagine that you have a box, fromwhich has two choices. If both outputs are entangled, you can measure the properties of the radiation that one of them emits while watching the second hole. We wondered whether such large physical systems could produce non-classical radiation. It turned out to be so.

Shabir Barzanie, lead author of the study

Previously, experts of the Institute of Quantum OpticsThe name of Max Planck (Germany) ensured that the coherence time for the storage of qubits on an atom caught in an optical resonator was over 100 ms. This is enough to create a global quantum network, also known as the quantum Internet, in which qubits can teleport directly between end nodes.