Pickup Tesla Cybertruck starred in rapper Travis Scott video

Tesla recently unveiled its futuristic Cybertruck electric pickup truck, which hadn’t arrived.

on sale, and already made a lot of noise. The head of the company, Ilon Musk, is already riding on it, and now the car has starred in the video.

Who and what took off

This is rapper Travis Scott's “Gang Gang” clip. Moreover, the Cybertruck company in the video was a Cyberquad ATV and a Not-A-Flamethrower flamethrower.

How did the musicians get a car forfilming a clip - is unknown. But recently, the media wrote that Elon Musk celebrated Christmas in the company of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, his girlfriend - singer Grimes, rapper Quavo, rapper Saweetie and that rapper Travis Scott. Therefore, it seems that Ilon just in a friendly way borrowed new Tesla.

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