Pig kidney with altered DNA was first connected to a human during surgery

American scientists for the first time connected the kidney of a genetically modified pig to a person. This experiment

ended successfully and opened up prospects for further research that may benefit people in need of kidney transplant.

Doctors from New York were able to connect for the first timea kidney of a GM pig to a person. For this, an animal from a special GalSafe line was used, which are grown for future possible transplantation to humans and for food. It is noted that not so long ago, permission for this was given by the FDA.

These pigs are raised because theseanimals are among the closest to humans in structure, they can be used as donors for kidney transplantation. But they have a substance called alpha galactose. The human body gives a strong immune response to it even when eating pork, not to mention such operations, which does not allow the use of ordinary pigs for medical purposes. In GalSafe pigs, this substance is cut from DNA.

To check if the human body willto reject the kidney of such a pig, American doctors connected a kidney from a GM pig to a woman with a recorded brain death for three days. The pig kidney was connected to the woman's circulatory system, but they did not sew it up inside the body and left it outside to make it easier to observe.

The experiment showed that there was no activerejection of the kidney of a GM pig. In addition, the recipient was diagnosed with renal failure. The kidney from the GalSafe pig compensated for signs of renal failure - the creatinine level in the blood, which is used to assess kidney function, returned to normal in the woman.

Now scientists are planning to conduct experiments witha longer connection of the kidneys from such pigs to humans. And in the future, the kidneys will be connected to living patients. It can help save people with kidney failure who are no longer being helped by dialysis. Or if you need to wait for a transfer, but the queue may not be in time.

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