Pirates began selling massively e-books on Avito. Anti-piracy law does not prohibit this!

Hundreds of ads "e-books in fb2 and epub formats for 50 rubles." Appeared on sites with ads for

recent times. Representatives of social networks and services say that they do not censor user content, and can start an investigation only after a formal complaint from the copyright holder.

The cost of one e-book on Avitoranges from 30 to 150 rubles - this is several times cheaper than in official online stores. The buyer must transfer the money to the bank card to the seller, and the latter sends him a copy of the book by e-mail.

Sellers themselves claim to sell legal goods.

I bought this book on "Liters". It seems to me that this is quite logical, because if I had bought a book in print, I could have sold it or donated it later. She becomes my property!

Book seller Anastasia on Avito

Ad service representatives claim thatpractically do not receive complaints from copyright holders about such announcements. At the same time, market participants are confident that pirates thus occupy only a small share of the entire market, so for now the parties are trying not to regulate this sector.