Pixel 4 has a problem with screen coverage

On mobile forums, complaints from the owners of Pixel 4, which was released a long time ago, became more frequent. Among

Complaints have performance problems, battery problems. However, another problem has now been identified that concerns the oleophobic screen coverage on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL.

Review of Pixel 4

According to colleagues from Android Central,the extra oleophobic coating of the display starts to lose its qualities on some Pixel 4 devices, including the device that these guys have at their disposal. The problem began to appear within a few weeks after moderate use. By the way, Pixel 2 had a similar problem at the time. On some models, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL also.

What is the essence of the problem, let's figure it out ...

An oleophobic coating is a layer thatmanufacturers add to most touchscreen devices. Its main purpose is to protect the screen from stains, greasy prints. Due to the presence of such coverage, you can use your phone all day, touch it naturally with fat fingers. Such a coating is usually not applied to the back of smartphones with a glass case in order to comfortably hold the phone in the palm of your hand. But in the screen, this technology is quite common.

So, the Pixel 4 eventually starts to lose thisprotection. Apparently, the oleophobic coating of his display does not have the proper quality, since this problem begins to appear after five weeks of use.

The solution in this case can only be consideredinstallation of a protective film made of high-quality tempered glass or its cheap version made of plastic. In both cases, they usually include oleophobic processing so that the screen does not look constantly dirty.