Plan 8 - MMO shooter with exosuits from the creators of Counter-Strike and Black Desert

The G-Star Gaming Expo exhibition started in South Korea, where Pearl Abyss, the developers of Black Desert Online, came with an announcement

new projects.

What showed

The presentation was memorable for the announcement of the shooter Plan 8,which the developers nicknamed “MMO with exosuits.” Judging by the trailer, players will be thrown into a post-apocalyptic world in which killer robots fight the remnants of humanity. People fight not with sticks and stones, but with firearms and exosuits. The latter will allow players to run along walls, fly, or crush metal aggressors with almost bare hands.

Pearl's internal team is working on the shooterAbyss with programmer Min “Gooseman” Le. In 1999, the guy teamed up with Jess Cliff, and together they created a modification of Half-Life Counter-Strike. Lee joined Pearl Abyss back in March 2018 to work on a then-unknown project.

"An exosuit is a robotic suit,which players can equip themselves piece by piece and receive incredible abilities in return. We will have many different types of exosuits, which will open up possibilities for players that have never been seen in any game before,” Lee said.

The developers hid most of the details,but they said that players will find an MMO in an open world with a mystical story, action and realistic graphics. Black Desert stands out from other colleagues in the genre not only because of its gameplay, but also because of its visuals, so gamers can at least expect a beautiful game.

Plan 8 will be released on personal computersand consoles, but there is no exact release date. The developers invite everyone interested in the project to their official website, where you can sign up for the newsletter about the game.







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