Planetside 2 has a major update.

A major update has been released for the only MMOFPS Planetside 2 in its genre. The game has been switched to a new graphic

engine, added a new faction and significantly reworked the spawn system.

What changed

Perhaps the most important innovation for the gamewas the introduction of the DirectX 11 interface. This made it possible to significantly increase performance on all types of compatible equipment. The developers also updated the internal Forgelight engine and worked on encrypting internal files, which should make it more difficult for cheaters. Performance has indeed improved, but with one caveat: the gamma in the game has become overly saturated, which many players complain about. In addition, the textures of the characters and some effects have been improved, in particular, the smoke has become much thicker.

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The update will please owners of paid subscriptions.A separate fraction of Nanite systems operatives was introduced for them. Operatives are represented by infantry classes and are armed with NS and NSX series weapons. They can only fight for the smallest faction on the continent. Thus, the side losing due to a lack of fighters will receive more experienced players as allies. The latest innovation was the reworking of the spawn and “quick battle” system; all changes were aimed at ensuring that players were evenly distributed throughout the continent, and not concentrated on a couple of key locations.

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Daybreak didn’t forget about traditional buns.In honor of the release of such a large-scale update, they launched a double experience promotion, which will last from April 28 to May 5. The bugs will be fixed just in time for the launch of the promotion. What if you enter a promotional code here?NSOPS2019, then the NSX Tengu submachine gun will be added to your account for free, as a cherry on the cake.