Plants vs Zombies shooter: Garden Warfare will continue, and EA has already announced an alpha test

Last week, Electronic Arts announced a mobile Plants vs Zombies 3, calling on American gamers for an alpha test.

Now the company, without too much fuss, decided to test for another game in the universe.

What is known

Community Playtesting membersReceived an invitation from Electronic Arts to test the new PvZ shooter with the code name Picnic. Details about the gameplay or plot in the letter did not reveal, but clarified that the project is developing a team that created Garden Warfare.

Testing Plants vs Zombies Picnic will be held onPlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which is strange, because developers usually choose a PC for such checks. Alpha testing will begin on August 1 and last a week.

Note that EA has already mentioned the “big game” byPlants vs Zombie for consoles and computers in the latest financial report. The company even blurted out that it plans to release the project in the fall of 2019. Once EA started preparing for testing, then the official announcement should take place soon.