Play as they say: Blizzard will add a forced division of the team into roles into Overwatch

Blizzard has added roles to Overwatch's competitive mode.

What is known

According to the leader

Jeff Kaplan's games, "Role Play" will improvematch quality, giving gamers more control and creativity. The limitation works on a 2-2-2 system: two damage dealers, two tanks, and two support characters. Even before starting to search for a match, players will have to choose a role with which they will remain until the end of the battle.

Blizzard will add this system to quick play,competitive mode, as well as e-sports competitions. The only way to play the classic way is to search for matches in the "Quick Play Classic".

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The developers will also remove the single rating, replacingit will be divided into three, which will be divided into corresponding roles. Additionally, instead of ten qualifying matches, Blizzard will make five for each role. Qualifying in a role will give you standard rewards, and if you qualify in three roles, you will receive victory points for each rating.

The list of the 500 best players will also be changed.competitive matches. As in the case of the rating, the single list will be divided into four: one for each role and another one, where the average value of all roles is calculated. Now, to get into the top 500, you will have to play at least 25 matches, and not 50 as before.

The new rules have already been launched on the Overwatch test servers, and they will appear publicly on September 1st.

We also recommend checking out the developer diaries, where Jeff Kaplan spoke in more detail about how the innovation works.