Play Pass is evil: Google has angered developers with the terms of its service

Google brightened up Monday evening with the announcement of Play Pass, a subscription service that was the answer to Apple Arcade.

Users also pay $5 per month to access a suite of games and apps without microtransactions, ads, or anything else. There are only advantages for consumers, but the developers criticized Google’s service.

What is known

App creators rioted when they sawterms of payment. The system takes into account the time the user spent in the application and a certain value indicator. Based on these variables, Google calculates a percentage of the revenue and sends the money to the developers.

The authors did not like this approach, becauseit pushes developers to create projects focused on keeping the player coming back. Thus, developers of runners and other casual arcade games will receive more than creators of single-player story-based adventures.

According to IGN, a similar scheme is usedmusic service Spotify, which pays a percentage based on the number of times a track is streamed. As a result, easy three-minute songs with a haunting motive bring in more money. At the same time, musicians can build a fan base and make money at concerts, but video game developers are deprived of this opportunity.

“Indie developers are not indie musicians.We don't go on tours. We can't write singles quickly to get the attention of some popular playlist curator on a streaming service,” wrote Will O'Neill, author of Actual Sunlight.

The Google Play Pass system was also criticized by No More Robots publisher Mike Rose:

"I knew this would happen because I alreadyreceived offers from several platforms. They all said they would pay you based on the number of hours they spent playing your game compared to all the other games on the platform.

Wait a couple more years - we will drown in suchservices that will force developers to make games with the thought “How to make money?”. Short story games will supplant, we will drown in a sea of ​​“fortnight” and “one-armed bandits”. I know that I am bothering many people with these problems, but my goodness, we are standing on the edge of the abyss, and it seems that almost no one understands this ”

A gaming analyst from Niko joined the discussionPartners Daniel Ahmad. According to him, Google's system actually creates comfortable conditions for one type of game and negative conditions for another. The same Xbox Game Pass is beneficial not only to users, but also to developers. So, developers receive a certain amount “for participating” in the program, and then Microsoft pays royalties.

“Let me get this straight, Will O’Neal is right. Google Play Pass is great for Google and consumers, but terrible for small developers." – wrote Jay Powell.