Play before Cyberpunk 2077: the cult Blade Runner is released on GOG after 22 years

CD Projekt has expanded the list of cult games in the GOG library by adding the iconic Blade Runner from Westwood to the store.


The original Blade Runner was released on November 14, 1997year for Windows and was a kind of offshoot from the film “Blade Runner”. Instead of Rick Descartes, the main character is detective Ray McCoy, who is tracking down a group of dangerous replicants. Yes, it seems, but Blade Runner tells an original story, although it references characters from the film and also repeats some scenes.

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Gameplay for players is a quest with an emphasis on collectingevidence, interrogation of witnesses and dialogue. However, sometimes you have to solve puzzles to advance through the story. Blade Runner even has the same computer that allows you to closely examine photos, zooming in on objects without losing quality. The player will also be able to conduct a test to detect replicants.

Blade Runner is already available on GOG with a 10% discount for $4.16. Judging by the game page, Russian localization was not delivered.

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