PlayStation 4 will also show: a new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima with a release date announcement

Due to the long absence of news about Ghost of Tsushima, one would think that the project is dead, but a new trailer

confirmed that the game is alive and preparing for release in 2020.

What is known

The official PlayStation YouTube channel publishednew trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. The video showed that the main character will rely not only on a blade in battle, but also on a bow with explosives. In addition, gamers will be able to act not only aggressively, attacking the enemy head-on, but also secretly neutralize their enemies one by one. Based on the first frames, the game can even be confused with Tenchu: Shadow Assassins.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released in the summer of 2020on PlayStation 4. It is worth noting that Sony plans to release PS5 next year, but the trailer does not mention a version of the game for the next generation console. It is possible that a separate edition will not be required, because the fifth “game station” will be backward compatible with the previous generation of consoles.

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