PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X compared in terms of noise

Twitter user Roberto Serrano compared the noise levels of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4.

He measured the noise during operation

dashboard (menu), during the game and when installing the game from disk. The PlayStation 5 has the following figures: 28 decibels (dB), 33 dB and 38 dB, respectively.

PlayStation 4 Pro CUH-7000 series noise levelwas significantly higher: in the menu - 59 dB, and in the game - 70 dB. At the same console of the CUH-7200 series, the indicators are slightly lower, but also higher than those of the PS5: 44 dB and 49 dB, respectively.

As for the Xbox Series X, in some ways it turned out to be even quieter than the competitor. In the menu, the noise level was 25 dB, in the game - 30 dB, but when installing the game from the disc - 42 dB.