PlayStation 5 can already be pre-ordered for $ 1000, but only if you are Swedish ...

Sony has not had time to announce the release date of the PlayStation 5, but one Swedish store has already offered gamers to pre-order


What is known

Wccftech noticed that Media Markt openedPlayStation 5 pre-order page, on which he suggested to gamers to buy a prefix in advance in order to get it one of the first. The price of the issue is 9999 SEK or $ 1050, which is a bit too much for a home gaming system.

Sony has not yet disclosed the price of the console nextgeneration, but in an interview Mark Serni hinted that the cost will match the possibilities. Perhaps the Swedes decided to prepare for the worst and set a bigger price tag beforehand. At the same time, according to rumors, gamers should cook about $ 500, so the Swedes slightly overdo it.

The store also did not specify the release date, thoughthe manufacturer discloses it before the start of pre-orders. This is a peculiar hint that Media Markt decided to take the initiative, and Sony has nothing to do with it. If you believe the analysts, then wait for the release of the PlayStation 5 is in 2021.