Strike back at PlayStation 5: Phil Spencer reveals new feature of Xbox Scarlett

If you believe Sony and Microsoft, then PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will appear on store shelves at the end of 2020. Companies

They promise gamers not so much improved graphics, but faster launch of games with minimal loading time. Still, performance is not Microsoft's only trump card.

What is known

At the last X019 London event, the Xbox bossPhil Spencer talked about one of the features of Xbox Scarlett. According to the head of the division, the ninth-generation console will come with Xbox Play Anywhere, which allows you to buy one game for all Microsoft platforms, including computers on Windows 10 and Xbox One. In the future, the initiative will be expanded to support another device.

According to Spencer, Microsoft's main goal ismake the transition from Xbox One to Xbox Scarlett without losing your library of games, saves, etc. Apparently, players are allowed to save one account, and along with it, purchased entertainment with earned achievements.

"Our goal for our biggest games ismake them cross-generational, and all your achievements will carry over with your saves, because that’s how it should be,” Spencer said in an interview.

The head of Xbox also added that the transition from Xbox One to Scarlett will be more “consumer friendly” than the transition from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

So far, Xbox Play Anywhere is only supported by "Microsoft exclusives" like Gears 5, Crackdown 3 and Forza Horizon 4. Spencer hopes to attract third-party developers as well.

Counter strike on the PlayStation 5

It is possible that Microsoft took this step aftera series of rumors related to the backward compatibility of the new Sony console. PlayStation 5 is built on a similar architecture to PS4 and will support eighth-generation games. Additionally, Sony is rumored to be planning to add backwards compatibility with all previous consoles, including the PS3 and PS2. Microsoft also plans to bring support for Xbox One controllers to Xbox Scarlett. This will allow users to upgrade to the ninth generation without losing purchased accessories.

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