PlayStation 5 is ready to surprise: Sony has hidden the main features of the console and the announcement is coming

Sony stopped playing silence, talking at CES 2020 about the main features of the PlayStation 5. Surprise the community

it didn’t work out, since the information had already leaked out thanks to insiders and interviews with company representatives. Nevertheless, Sony still had trump cards in its sleeve and the PlayStation 5 may still surprise gamers.

According to sony

So says the president and CEOSony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan. In an interview with Business Insider Japan (via Game Rant), the head of the company said that Sony had not yet revealed all the “unique elements” of the PlayStation 5. The Japanese are really reluctant to talk about their console, so Ryan’s words sound convincing. The same Microsoft has already shared the basic characteristics of the Xbox Series X and even showed the design of the console.

At CES 2020, Sony confirmed thatPlayStation 5 will receive hardware support for ray tracing, high-speed SSD and a new feedback system joysticks. Ryan is confident that gamers will be surprised at how strongly these changes are felt.

“Even just playing the Gran Turismo Sport race withPlayStation 5 controller is a completely different experience. Despite the fact that it works well with the previous generation controller, you will not be able to go back after you feel the road surface thanks to the control response and adaptive triggers, ”said Jim Ryan.

At the same time, according to the head of SIE, the main differences between the PlayStation 5 from the PlayStation 4 will be told to gamers later:

“The PlayStation 5 has even more unique elements that separate the console from the previous generation. "Big differences" will be announced "

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