Pleasure technology: new glo ™ tobacco heating systems for vibrant life

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Technology is beginning to penetrate all spheres of our lives, electronics today

accompanies us everywhere. The center of a smart home is not only computers, but also televisions with refrigerators. Voice assistants help you plan the best route, send a message, turn on the light, or adjust the optimal temperature in the room. The world is changing rapidly, making our life more saturated, comfortable and interesting. We begin to value personal comfort more and carefully choose new gadgets that reflect our own lifestyle. The tobacco industry does not remain aloof from the processes. Tobacco heating systems are emerging to change our habits and consumption patterns. These devices are technologically advanced, have an attractive appearance and offer smokers who decide to change cigarettes to devices for heating tobacco, a number of advantages.

For many years, British AmericanTobacco, realizing the full responsibility of business to consumers, was engaged in research and development of products that could become a real alternative to traditional cigarettes. The result was the smart glo ™ tobacco heating technology and a whole range of nicotine-containing products to satisfy the ever-changing tastes and preferences of consumers. The new line of glo ™ devices has become even more interesting for adult tobacco users thanks to its new technological capabilities and stylish, attractive design.

Glo ™ devices do not burn andproblems inevitably associated with it: caustic smoke *, annoying others; ashes *, which can stain clothes and neighboring objects; finally an unpleasant odor in the hands. The innovativeness of the heating system provides all these benefits while maintaining the natural tobacco flavor that underlies consumer habits. Studies show a 90-95% reduction in the amount of toxins released ** compared to regular cigarettes.

glo ™ pro: speed and perfection

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The new glo ™ pro system is state-of-the-arta status accessory that breaks all records among glo ™ devices by the time of heating a tobacco stick. The secret of achievements lies in the new induction heating technology, which allows to accelerate the time the device is ready for use. There are two modes available in glo ™ pro - standard and Boost. In standard mode, providing a 4-minute session, the time until the start of the session is 20 seconds. In the new Boost mode, this time period is halved - up to 10 seconds, and provides a 3-minute session, and the temperature of the stick reaches 280 ° C, which provides a more rich taste.

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Built-in battery allows up to 20sessions *** from a full charge. The modern, accelerating process of heating glo ™ pro represents the embodiment of refined design and creates an indescribable feeling of control over the use process for consumers. The device is made in several color options that satisfy the most demanding customers: black (always the current classic), playful pistachio, dreamy azure blue and a romantic champagne color.

glo ™ nano: sleek and comfortable

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For lovers of exquisite things, preferringsurround yourself with appropriate accessories; the new glo ™ nano tobacco heating system is ideal. This is the easiest glo ™ tobacco heating system. It weighs only 61 grams, which is 40% lighter than the previous generation glo ™ models. An advantageous difference of the novelty in its miniature size (only 9.5 × 3.2 × 2.1 cm), which allows you to easily and discreetly fit in any pocket of your clothes or purse, combined with ease of use - this technological device is controlled with a single button. The tobacco stick inside the glo ™ nano is suitable for leisurely enjoying every free minute eventful life, and heats up in 40 seconds, and its miniature battery provides up to 8 sessions ***, charging from 90 minutes - even faster than the previous generation glo ™ devices . The novelty will also appeal to customers with a variety of bright color options for a stylish case: saturated blue, delicate blue, vibrant red and flawless white.

It is worth noting that the designers of the new glo ™ systemsWe have done significant work to create new sensations of ease of use and maximum comfort in work, providing pleasure from the process in any conditions. The design of both new products - glo ™ pro and glo ™ nano allows you to charge them in an upright position, thanks to the thoughtful placement of the charging connector on the side of the case.

Updated neo ™ sticks ****: new tastes and sensations for a new day

Neo ™ branded sticks have a uniquefeature - these are the first and only tobacco sticks with capsule in Ukraine, which are used for tobacco heating systems. Inside is a capsule with a special aromatic mixture that makes the tobacco taste more saturated and gives it bright notes. In addition to the current line of flavors, which includes the classic, popular Rich Tobacco, refreshing Dark Fresh, citrus Citric Mix and berry Boost Red, a new creamy Creamy Tobacco will soon await Ukrainian consumers of glo ™ systems. As well as new tastes of neo ™ with a capsule - fruit and caramel Boost Scarlet and soft berry Boost Royale, which can fill each session with new unsurpassed sensations.

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Regardless of the choice of a new systemheating tobacco - technological glo ™ pro, providing a premium appearance and high speed, or refined and sophisticated glo ™ nano for a vivid unforgettable experience, the consumer will appreciate the advantages of the device and comfort of use.

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* No cigarette smoke, only aerosol from heated tobacco. This does not necessarily mean that the product is less harmful than other tobacco products.

** Comparison of smoke from burnt tobacco ina standard 3R4F cigarette (approximately 9 mg of tar) and hot tobacco aerosol in a glo ™ device. 9 types of harmful substances are compared, the use of which the World Health Organization recommends reducing. This does not necessarily mean that the product is less harmful than other tobacco products.

*** Under different conditions, the number of sessions can vary, for example, cold weather and the intensity of use can affect the number of sessions.

**** Tobacco-containing products for heating are not completely safe and addictive.