Pokemon Go: A Beginner's Guide

Pokemon Go literally captures the world. Twitter, Facebook, the media - everyone is talking about the new game. But you may not be aware yet

What kind of game is it. In this article, we will help you understand this game. Below you will find answers to all questions for those who have just started playing Pokemon Go.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a game for Android and iOS devices,based on a very popular game and cartoon from the 90s. Go is the sequel to the legendary Pokémon series. You can catch Pokemon, upgrade them, arrange training fights and much more.

In the Pokemon Go game, all this you do in real world. Of course not quite in the real world, but in the “real world”, which is located inside your smartphone.

Pokemon Go uses the phone’s GPS todetermine your location. At the beginning of the game, a map of your city appears in front of you. To find Pokemon, you must physically move around the city and catch them. Also on the map of your city there are Poke Stops and gyms (Gym), where you can fight with other players.

Why is everyone playing Pokemon Go?

Because it's Pokemon! And because Go is actually a very interesting game. In it, you do not just sit at home with your smartphone, but travel around the city, look for and collect Pokemon. It is simple and fun!

To catch a Pokemon, you need to throw a ball at it. The game uses a camera phone, and a Pokemon is superimposed on the camera image. AR - This is the main feature of the game that everyone is talking about. You can enable and disable AR mode.

Can I install Pokemon Go?

Officially, the Pokemon Go game is only available in the US,Europe (including Great Britain), Australia, New Zealand. Italy, Spain and Portugal. But this does not mean that you cannot play in Russia or any other country.

All you need to do to installPokemon Go is an iTunes account registered for the United States. We previously wrote about how to do this. There are also sites offering Pokemon Go installation, but we do not recommend installing the game from unverified sources.

  • How to install and play Pokémon Go anywhere in the world

Where to begin?

After installing the application and logging in using your Google account or Pokémon account, you need to set your avatar.

1 The game requires an internet connection.

2Basic gaming takes place on a vibrant Google map.

When you set up your avatar, three Pokémon will appear on the map - Bulbazavr, Charmander and Squirtle. But if you skip them several times, then Pikachu will appear for the fourth time. Catch him, let him become your first Pokemon! Since in the future it will be very difficult to catch Pikachu.

When you find a Pokemon, turn on the camera and itwill be in front of you. A ball will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold it to throw the ball at the Pokemon, it is best to aim at the center of the screen. So you catch the Pokemon. After the animation, click on the ball and you will see more about the Pokemon and it will be added to your Pokedex.

Catch pokemon

It's time to catch your first Pokemon.

When you walk down the street, around may appearPokemon, anywhere wherever you are. If he is too far away, you cannot catch him. In this case, you need to come closer. In AR mode, you will see Pokemon.

! First of all, pay attention to those places on the map where grass and leaves move.

Go to PokéStop

The game has PokéStops. Pokéstops marked on the map as blue floating cubes. Go to them to see information about this place.

Swipe the poke stop sign. And you will get useful things. Such as balls for catching Pokemon, healing potions and much more. You can visit PokéStop and receive rewards every 10 minutes.

Elements in Pokemon Go

Of course, there are things in Pokemon Go that you can collect. If you do not want to earn them, you can buy PokéCoins for real money.

  • Lucky Eggs: Give dual XP over the next 30 minutes.
  • Lure Patches: Draws Pokémon in PokéStop.
  • Razz Berries: Helps make catching rare Pokémon easier.
  • Poké Eggs: These are the eggs from which real Pokémon hatch.

Pokemon development

You can upgrade Pokemon usingsweets and stardust. This can only be done when you have caught several versions of the same Pokemon. So do not think that if you have one Doduo, then you do not need another.

After you have enough Pokémon of the same species, you can use sweets to develop them.

Fight in the gyms

After you reach level 5 youYou will be able to join one of the three gyms: Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue), or Valor (red). When a player finds a team, you can assign the Pokémon you caught in the open room. One Hall - one Pokemon from each trainer.

Together with your team, you can fight for the gym and capture it.

Pokémon training is very easy: visit the hall that is under the control of your team. You can train in battles against your own Pokemon. Defeating all Pokemon raises the Hall Prestige and increases your chances of battle against another team. If Prestige drops to zero, the defending team loses control of the hall. Then you or another player can capture this room.

Go catch all the Pokemon!

It's all. Now you are ready to catch Pokemon! Go catch them all!