Pokemon Masters earned $26 million in its first week, but Pokemon Go is richer

Analytics agency Sensor Tower spoke about the success of Pokemon Masters, the new Nintendo mobile game.

What is known

Masters is closer than other mobile projectsThe “big N” has come close to the success of Pokemon Go. In the first week, App Store and Google Play users spent $26 million on the game. With this result, the project was ahead in terms of profit of Pokemon Quest ($3 million), Pokemon Magikarp Jump ($1 million) and Pokemon Rumble Rush ($300 thousand). Pokemon Masters fell short of the success of Pokemon Go, which earned $56 million in its first week.

The most profitable market was the Japanese one, whichbrought in 62% of revenue, so local gamers spent $16 million on the game. App Store users contributed about 72% of the $26 million, while only 28% came from Google Play DeNa. In total, Pokemon Masters was downloaded by 10 million users in the first four days.

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