Police drones taught to break glass to inspect buildings

The American company BRINC has created a police drone for inspecting buildings. He can break the glass himself to

get into the room.

BRINC drone received a carbon fiber frame androtors with screws. Also, the drone works with a flight control algorithm. Thanks to this, the drone is able to push doors and fly through doorways. A module for breaking glass windows can be hung on the drone. This module rotates at a speed of up to 30 thousand revolutions per minute. It also has tungsten carbide tips.

The drone also has a powerful transceiver. It allows you to keep in touch with the operator across two houses. If there is nothing between a person and a drone, then this distance reaches 13 kilometers.

In addition, the drone can work in negotiation mode. That is, the device is able to reproduce the operator's speech through the speakers. The drone records the responses of people through a microphone.