Police from Chicago will be given smartphones Samsung Galaxy

Using Samsung phones and the DeX docking station in your car will eliminate the need for bulky computers and

designed to assist Chicago Police officers in their daily work.

Gadgets from the Korean company will performvarious tasks that a policeman needs while working. This includes receiving calls from the dispatcher, and checking documents and machines, and even writing reports. Moreover, officers will be able to view and control street cameras. One of the advantages of using smartphones is a single ecosystem of applications, which can also be useful for photos, recording audio or notes.

“Police DeX” will include access to“ShotSpotter” system, which determines the shooting and where it occurred. It is also planned to introduce voice notes in the reports. The police department is confident that this will reduce paper work.

Chicago area number 11 plans to equip all crews with smartphones and docking stations by the end of the year. Nevertheless, the department said that almost half of the officers had already issued Samsung phones.