Practically "smart" mop from Xiaomi

Mop Xiaomi Deerma

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for domestic needs! They are the most functional, have a high build quality and at the same time are inexpensive. At this time we want to talk about one of the most popular household goods - Xiaomi Deerma mop with a spray. Without a shadow of a doubt, she simply must be in every home! A scrubber does not have smart functions, it is not able to synchronize with a smartphone, then why does every housewife who has acquired this cleaning tool end up in 7th heaven? We will understand.


We will not hide, the idea of ​​such a mop is not new. But the company Deerma approached the creation of a product from the side of quality, using high-quality plastic, not saving on a metal base, having thought out a hinged fastening. Engineers paid special attention to textile nozzles, they are made of a special material (carbon fiber + cotton), which are several times more efficient than regular rags (and this is confirmed not only by tests, but also by the users themselves).


Xiaomi Deerma mop is made in the spirit of minimalism- universal option, everyone will like it. On top is a handle with a lever for spraying liquid. Grip comfortable. The metal base is made of stainless steel.

Particular attention should be paid to the hinge mechanism, which allows the mop base to rotate almost on 360 degrees! In practice, it is very convenient, cleaning is much faster.

At the base is a reservoir for the liquid. Capacity 350 ml. The manufacturer claims that it should be enough for cleaning the floor area of ​​50-100 m². In practice, I will say that for a good, thorough cleaning of 50 m² I needed about 200 ml of liquid. Under the tank itself is a nozzle for spraying.

Recommendation: For best results, I recommend adding some floor cleaning liquid to the tank, the result will please you!


As we found out, the Xiaomi Deerma Water Spray Mop has several key benefits:

  • articulated nozzle (get to even the most inaccessible place)
  • fluid dispenser
  • a nozzle from a special material that is able to effectively collect dirt and debris

By the way, one spraying is 2 ml, and this volume is enough for 0.5 m². In fact, it is also possible for a large area if the surface is not very dirty. But it is worth considering the moment that it takes about 8 seconds to recharge. Order spraying range 80 cm.


Separately, I want to tell you about the nozzles. In addition to the fact that they are made of a special material, which allows for more efficient collection of garbage and dirt (without smearing it at the same time), these nozzles have a convenient attachment to plastic velcro. It is easy to remove the cloth from the base, wash it, and it is ready for cleaning again.

It should be noted that the nozzle is enough for a long time,We use the mop for more than 3 months, and the matter looks almost like new. Very durable material. And if it becomes unusable, then it will not be difficult to buy a new one, they are not expensive.


As a result, I want to say that Xiaomi Deerma mopwill be a great helper in every home. Wet cleaning the floor will be held many times faster and more efficiently. It is unrivaled, unparalleled in terms of price / quality ratio in the market, and a rag with a bucket goes to the emergency room. In addition, the device will be a great gift!

Where can one buy?

You can buy Xiaomi Deerma mop on the largest Chinese Internet site. Below is a list of trusted stores where you can safely order:

Aliexpress (Mi Devices Store)

Aliexpress (Mi Home Store)

Aliexpress (Robot Vacuum)