Pray at maximum speed: in the new trailer System Shock 3 showed gameplay and a frightening atmosphere

After a short break, OtherSide Entertainment finally released the new System Shock 3 trailer.

What is known

In that

times the developers showed more gamingprocess. Players will find a gloomy atmosphere, evil robots and mutants, as well as insane artificial intelligence. Note that in the SHODAN trailer, the AI ​​that bothered the players in the first games of the series changes its name to SHOIAN. Perhaps the girl decided to change her image or the players are waiting for a new side of her personality.

Futuristic weapons, like plasma andbeam rifles left, but the player will be available and more classic weapons, including tools for close combat. Players will use it against robots, cross-walker hybrids and humans, as well as mutants who want to try a piece of the main character.

Release date and platforms are still unknown.