Pre-orders for 8 Intel Haswell processors started

What in the beginning of summer, more precisely, in June will be the most interesting? That's right, the introduction of Intel Haswell processors and

computers based on them. As for the latter, in this regard we are looking forward to the June Computex 2013 exhibition, where they can present the long-awaited laptops with autonomy at least around 10 hours in browsing mode with Wi-Fi on, and not 4-7, as it is now. Under the cut, by the way, is a table with pre-order prices called the PCSuperStore online store.

The table is made by our colleagues from CPU World and init shows the Ivy Bridge models, their current price, then the Haswell models, their numbers and pre-order prices. In the last column, you can estimate the price difference between the two generations of processors. By the way, you can also see how powerful integrated graphics are in Haswell.