Presented tablets Huawei Honor Play Tab 2

Tablets from Huawei Honor Play Tablet 2 are equipped with a 4-core Snapdragon 425 processor from Qualcomm. In that

since Huawei were generous with announcements of new products inmobile segment. This is the Band A2 smart bracelet under the Honor brand, and the budget smartphone Honor 6A, and now the Huawei Honor Play Tab 2. Although with a delay, since we have been waiting for tablets since 2015, when the Play Pad was released

A change of generations went to the benefit of tablets, newmodels though not dramatically, but still improved their characteristics. Nevertheless, this is still the same initial level, and this device will not make any competition with the iPad. But superficially, this is closer to the Cupertin product: the design has become more stylish, premium, the body is now made not of plastic, but of metal.

Both variants got the same processors, yes,already budget, but still quite productive, the integrated accelerator Adreno 308 is responsible for the graphics, Android 7 is used as the OS, the EMUI 5 is on top of it. The cameras are also the same: the main one has a 5 megapixel sensor, the front one is only 2 megapixels, which is enough , for video chatting. Resolution IPS matrix display HD or 1280x800, 4800 mAh battery.

Each model will have some variations, basicthe package bundle does not have an LTE module, 2 gigabytes of RAM is installed on board, a 16 gigabyte drive. The older version received the LTE module, the top version has 3 gigabytes of RAM, and the drive is 32 gigabytes. Both older versions support the work with two SIM cards.

The model with a diagonal of 8 inches, depending on the configuration, costs from $ 115 to $ 190, the 9.6-inch Huawei Honor Play Tab 2 can be bought from $ 145, the top version costs $ 220.

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