Presented wireless headphones Huawei FreeBuds

The Chinese company Huawei continues to compete with its main competitors. And besides the line Nova 5 and MediaPad M6

The manufacturer also released Huawei FreeBuds wireless headphones, which can be an excellent alternative to expensive similar accessories.

The market for wireless headphones is now veryvaried. In addition to the top branded wireless headsets in China, a huge number of cheap fakes or analogs. Let's see how Huawei can surprise us, which is actively competing on the heels.

Huawei freebuds

Wireless headphones from Huawei presented intwo colors - white and black. The presence of the black version may already interest many of us. After all, as we know, the American corporation Apple never presented the black AirPods, no matter how much we expect it.

The accessory has a rather trendy stylish design andlooks great. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the support of the touch control Huawei FreeBuds. If you double-click on the left earpiece, the voice assistant of the smartphone is activated. If your phone rings, you can double-click on both headphones to answer the outgoing call. To end the conversation and hang up, you need to double-click on both headphones during the conversation. To play or pause music, you can also use double-tap on FreeBuds.

Of the other features of the new items worth noting.Automatic connection of a wireless headset. Each time you open the headphone cover, they are instantly connected to the active device. That is, you can start listening to music, immediately installing the earpiece in your ear. If you pull the earpiece out of your ear, the music immediately stops.

Huawei also added a featurenoise reduction, plus stated battery life for 12 hours using a charging case. In talk mode / music playback, they last up to 3 hours. 15 minutes of recharging will also help ensure you have up to 90 minutes of use.

As for the price, the manufacturer set the price tag on the Huawei FreeBuds at 399 yuan. This is about 58 dollars.