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It’s unlikely that anyone would use the word &#8220;tidy&#8221; exclaims warm emotions. However, today

There is a lot of technology and devices that can significantly facilitate this process and make it more efficient.

Golovne pіd hour vibor priladіv for the tidying up - do not knock at the great rose of this tehnіki.

Evolution of non-profit pilosos and those who are special

One of the remaining &#8220;know-how&#8221; On the market of cleaning products there are dartless saw suckers, so called &#8220;multisticks&#8221;. The smells, first of all, are compact, practical and effective.

First of all, the battery packs are satisfied with their functions: their uselessness is the trivial time of an autonomous robot, however, it is possible to take them away.

Then came the “two in one” stacks. This is a famous hand-held vacuum cleaner - it could be used to clean furniture, sofas and police, but this was not enough for powerful mercenaries.

Now a new generation of dart-less vacuum cleaners has appeared on the market - multi-stacks “three in one”, which, thanks to modern technologies, has contributed to the high efficiency and comfort of the machine.

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Overloads of Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 multistika

Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 vіrіznyatsya mid-neshshih models on the market of their own unіnsovaln_styu. It can be easy and I can easily get it, without overdoing it, uves dim - in the plogs to the wall.

Tsei cinnamon device go right onon the surface — whether it is the typical type of flooring (parquet, tile, kilimite), furniture, go, gardini - living room. Crіm addition, deprived zavdyaki one klіku the farmer is made from vertical to ruchny.

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Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 max. Compact rose and true design

Tse neabiyak handy, if you are about the surface, yakіbring back to the ground, and then th on kіlka razіv on the day - before the party, de vie rozzuvatsya, prioishovshi zvulitsі, kitchen pіslya podspuvuvannya іzhі chi pіslya order, there pobodali children.

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Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 Multistik 560 add extra help and effectively transfer all the surfaces to the kitchen

Features Multi Rowenta Air Force Flex 560

The main feature of this model is the FLEX technology, the unique design of the pipe. Won allow зай without zavyh zusil pribruti saw dvit pіd nizkim furniture - yak-from p_d lіzhkom chfeyu.

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Universal Power Slim Vision attachment easyfit with a brood on whether you are typing plods - either this is parquet, or kilim with dovim pile or nav tile. Beshe nema, consume shukati vіlnu shukhlyadu for neymovіrno ї kіlkostі accessories and that nozzles.

Yak dobatkovyy bonus: the pumpman is a LED-LED, integrated into the nozzle - for the visibility of the customer in the middle of that corner.

In addition, the Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 multi-stage system is quiet - there is no need to disturb the noise of the robot for a while.

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Who is the Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 multi-stick for?

Well, you have your house, home, loveMozhnut іnodі direct the disorder in pomeshkannі, the nozzle Mini-turbo brush for an effective tidying up wool, tvarin, scho enter to the kit, camp yak nіkol u nagodі.

Multistyk do not overdo it with autodisseurs, avhe vіn light and compact - just put your car in the cabin simple, but be it.

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The multi-window vitrim pipe is up to 30 thousand thousand dollars, and the price, behind the young people of Rowenta, is 8% of the service of priladu.

Joy is clever and quick - it is enough to put a prilad on the base, just to get to the corner.

The container cleaning system is simple and super-easy — access to all parts of the pilozbіrnika, permits, for the need, to help you.

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For additional help, the Rowenta Air Force Flex 560 can be easily navigated to shafi.

Forget to tell about heavyweight turbo and enjoy it easy to clean - from the road to the road!

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