PrivatBank offers to test the new Privat24

A few months ago, PrivatBank introduced the updated Privat24 application. And now the bank has launched

open beta testing of the new mobile version.

How to test

To receive the beta version, you must submit a request via this link. After this, a letter from PrivatBank is sent to your email with a link to download the application on Android or iOS.

Then everything follows the old scheme: enter your phone number, password and go to the application. Your cards are already linked here and there are templates and a history of actions, as in the regular version of the application.

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What's new

First of all, the application interface has changed:icons have become more rounded, and the design itself has become more minimalistic. But, as promised, you can customize your “desktop” yourself: select the functions that you use most often, after which they will appear on the main page. The result is a more “unloaded” page, without shortcuts and sections that you have never used.

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In addition, there is a dark theme. And to go to your personal profile, simply swipe your finger from left to right.

The functions remain the same: top up your account, transfer money to another card, pay for utilities, entertainment, etc.

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In the top right corner there is a thumbs up icon. By clicking on it, you can rate the new application and leave a wish or an angry review.

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The new version of the application should completely replace the old one by the end of this year.