Probe "Hayabusa-2" collected soil samples from the asteroid Ryugu

The main mission of the Hayabusa-2 probe is to shoot a copper charge with explosives at the asteroid and collect particles

soil and send them in a capsule to Earth. The “package” is expected to arrive in 2020.

After the shot, the probe will make several spans.around Ryugu, collecting dust and stones thrown from its surface using a special trap. Scientists believe that absolutely pure samples of the primary matter of the solar system will arrive in the capsule on Earth.

The researchers expect that as a result of the operation, the probe was able to collect from 10 to 100 mg of soil samples.

Recently, the team of the mission "Hayabusa-2" showedthe results of the first month of operation of the probe in orbit around the asteroid Ryugu. Engineers presented a heat map of Ryugu. It turned out that there are many more rocky outcrops on the surface of the asteroid than scientists thought. In addition, the temperature of the soil ranges from room temperature to 100 ° C.

Earlier, Hayabusa-2 showed a three-dimensional model of the asteroid Ryugu surface, created on the basis of images taken with the same probe from a distance of 20 km.