Problems and errors in the work of the Samsung Galaxy S10: reviews

Since the new Samsung Galaxy S10 has already gone on sale, its first owners are actively sharing their impressions,

reviews about the new product. Of greatest interest, of course, is the topic of possible problems that you may encounter while using your smartphone. So, let's go find out…

Problems with Galaxy S10

All the problems and errors listed below are in operationwith Samsung Galaxy S10 were described by users on the official Samsung community forum and on Reddit. Several owners report that the phone's protection against accidental touches function does not work. As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has an accidental touch blocking option, which should turn off the display when the phone is in a dark place, such as in the user's pocket. However, the function does not work correctly. Because of this, users notice that when they take the phone out of their pocket, the screen displays, for example, a set of numbers, letters and symbols. Some blame this on the location of the proximity sensor, which is located in the status bar just above the "%" symbol used to display the phone's battery life.

There are users of the Galaxy S10 who claimthat their phone takes screenshots, opens apps, and even turns on a flashlight while in a pocket or purse. I wonder how this can happen, because to turn on the flashlight you need to press.

That's not all. Some users feel like a smartphone vibrates in their pocket. And when they take the device out of their pocket, it heats up and the battery discharges faster than it should be. It seems that the incorrect operation of the function of protection against accidental contact can lead to unpleasant consequences. For example, the owner of the Galaxy S10 in the United States did not even understand that his phone dialed the police emergency number that came to his home.

One owner of the Galaxy S10 has an opinion onthis account. He claims that the proximity sensor can see light through the pants, and as a result keeps the screen on. In fact, the sensor is designed to turn off the screen when something is in close proximity to the display. It turns off the screen when you are talking on the phone, and the device is brought to your ear to save battery power and prevent accidental touching.

By the way, the iPhone was the first smartphoneproposed this function. While checking his theory, this Galaxy S10 user closed the proximity sensor with his hand, holding the device in his pocket, and the screen did not go out. He believes that Samsung has incorrectly calibrated the function of protection against accidental contact. Another user believes that because his fingerprint unlock function is enabled, his phone constantly scans fingerprints when the display presses against his foot with the device in his pocket.

One Galaxy S10e user says hewas able to prevent my phone from turning on and dialing from my pocket by disabling the «Rise to Wake» in settings. Another user noted that disabling the «Always on display» and «Double tap to wake» results in longer phone battery life. But not all Galaxy S10 users who disabled the features described above ended up being successful.

Samsung probably already knows about this problem, but has not yet commented on it. Most likely, the manufacturer is preparing a «patch» in the form of new software to solve the error.