Problems instead of games: Ubisoft launched the Uplay+ gaming service and screwed it up

As promised, Ubisoft has launched Uplay+, its own subscription gaming service a la Origin Access.

What is known


+ gives PC users access to hundreds of gamescompany, and subscribers of the service receive bonuses in the form of discounts and early access. Unfortunately, some gamers were never able to experience the benefits of Ubisoft’s new brainchild.

There were a lot of people willing to try Uplay+and the servers could not cope with the load, sending users to a 404 page. According to the company, the error is generated due to the increased load, which also prevented some gamers from subscribing.

When Ubisoft announced Uplay+, it offeredThose wishing to register in advance will receive free access for a month starting on September 3. According to some gamers, the system charged them for the first month. In addition, users are required to provide payment information when registering, while players with an empty account complain that the system does not accept their card.

The Ubisoft support page states thatRegistration of payment information is required to renew your subscription without interrupting access to the service. If you have been charged for the first month, then please contact the official support website with your problem. Ubisoft actively responds to comments on its official Twitter page, where it also reports that problems have been resolved.