Professionally and absolutely free: you can now sanitize your smartphone in Samsung service centers

Coronavirus COVID-19 has already been recognized as a global pandemic, so manufacturers have joined in the fight against it

smartphones. It is important to remember hygiene, because on our gadgets a huge amount of microbes is collected. Therefore, Samsung has introduced a new service for its users - gadget disinfection.

What and how do

Samsung Galaxy Sanitizing is available at authorized service centers and stores. Moreover, it is absolutely free.

The company does not recommend self-cleaning.smartphones with abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they can scratch the screen or damage the oleophobic coating. Using liquid chemicals on devices that do not have an IP rating will also result in water ingress and, most likely, “death” of the device.

Samsung experts sanitize smartphonesheadphones and smart watches with ultraviolet light, which does not harm the gadget. However, the company does not recommend repeating this at home with unapproved UV-C devices. Also, the manufacturer can not guarantee the complete destruction of microbes.

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Where to find

Samsung Galaxy Sanitizing is now availablein 19 countries. These are Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Spain, Sweden, the USA and Vietnam.

In the near future, Australia will be added to the list,Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, the Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Recall, Apple recently released recommendations on how and how to properly sanitize gadgets.

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