Protect your iPhone from theft with iCaughtU 12 Tweak

If you are very worried about your expensive smartphone, you will be interested in the updated jailbreak tweakiCaughtU12


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iCaughtU 12 is the updated version of iOS 12 for one of the most popular tweaks to protect against theft. It contains many features that users love, as well as several new ones.

Here are some of the best features of this tweak:

  • Alert as an SMS is an email if the password is entered incorrectly on your device.
  • Photo on the front camera with incorrect password entry.
  • Photo on the front camera when you try to turn off the device.
  • Save photos to iCloud.
  • Notification of location and charge level of the device if the password is entered incorrectly.

User who incorrectly entered the passwordor try to turn off the device, does not know that the smartphone photographed it. However, a message appears on the screen with the owner of the smartphone and the way to contact him.

In this case, the thief has the opportunity to correct and give you back the smartphone, or you can send a photo to the police.

After installing tweak iCaughtU 12 in Settings there will be a new panel with its options.

As you can see, the developer did a good job on the tweak, which is why he is one of the best among his own kind.

Tweak not only will not allow to disconnect the devicewithout your knowledge, it will also notify you when an attempt is made. The same applies to incorrect password entry. As a result, you get a picture of the thief, the location of the smartphone and the level of charge. Tweak also blocks access to the Airplane Mode and Control Point, and also includes a power saving mode so that the device is not discharged.

If you are interested in the iCaughtU 12 tweak, you candownload from repositoryBigboss. Later, its value will increase, so download the tweak now. iCaughtU 12 works on all devices with iOS 12 jailbreak.