ProtonMail introduced an encrypted calendar

Encrypted email provider ProtonMail has officially launched its calendar in public

The Swiss company said it wants to "offer an alternative to Google's core products, but with complete privacy for users."

ProtonMail announced plans for 2018launch an encrypted calendar. Today access to it was opened for premium users with paid tariff plans. The service will be available to everyone, starting in 2020.

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ProtonMail promises users complete privacy with client-side encryption, which means that no one can intercept and read their email or notes.

ProtonCalendar is not the first productappeared in ProtonMail. Previously, they launched a VPN service, and in 2020 they want to introduce a cloud storage service and office programs that can be used online.

“Our goal is to create and make widely available online products [that] serve users, not exploit them,” said ProtonMail CEO Andy Yen.