ProtonMail will become an alternative to Gmail for Huawei smartphones

When you are independent, it’s always good, because you’re free to do what you like, what you think

necessary and useful. And when your well-being or business depends on others, you need to look for alternatives. Huawei has already felt for itself what it would be like to have no alternative in the production of smartphones, not even in hardware, but simply in software. Now, it's time to look for alternatives, which the company seems to be doing pretty well so far.

Own operating room already testeda system that, in the event of Google’s refusal to cooperate, immediately gets on all Huawei devices instead of Android, it will be more difficult to use services, since users still trust the American IT giant, even those who are negative due to the monopolization of the market. As for the Chinese company, which has already been implicated in espionage scandals and is suspected of having links with the state special services of the Celestial Empire, it will be very difficult to earn the trust of users.

Secure mail

Nevertheless, the services will still be, the companyis currently negotiating with a service from Switzerland ProtonMail regarding the use of secure mail on their smartphones and tablets. The negotiations became known after the publication of Bloomberg, which referred to the head of the postal service. It is still unknown whether ProtonMail will agree to such a partnership, since much will depend on the guarantees of the Chinese company for the safety of users and the confidentiality of their personal data and correspondence. The fact is that the service itself will in no way become less secure, but only if you use it directly. How things will be in the case of using Huawei applications on its devices is still unknown, but of course there can be no one hundred percent guarantee.

The head of the service noted that cooperation withHuawei, which wants to create an alternative to the services of the American company Google, in case of weaning from them, will significantly expand the audience of a secure mail service, but this poses serious reputation risks. Therefore, the service will first analyze the pros and cons of such a business with the Celestial Empire, and then make a decision. The fact is that when conducting business with a Chinese company, we cannot know for sure that it is not connected with the government and special services of our country.

If the parties come to an agreement, then, ratherIn total, on Huawei smartphones, the new mail service will be preinstalled in the shell, and it will also be in the main recommended applications in the AppGallery own directory. Other European services are also interested in this situation. Potentially, trade wars between the Middle Kingdom and the US government will allow them to offer themselves as an alternative to Google. And these are hundreds of millions of new users who will raise any service to unprecedented heights.

Bunker ProtonMail

The Swiss service appeared five years ago,It was founded by researchers at CERN (nuclear technology). All mail in the service is encrypted with the latest end-to-end algorithms, and no one except the owner and addressee can receive the contents of the letter. The ProtonMail data center is located in an ultra-secure bunker, which is located at an incredible depth of a kilometer underground. At the moment, the customer base of the service has approximately 17 million users.