PUBG update will improve the Miramar map and allow players to throw knives in pans

PUBG continues to evolve and developers prepare for the fifth season by launching the next update

on test servers.

What is known

Patch 5.1 will add to the game the ability to throw loot to allies. For example, if a member of your team asks for ammo, then you can throw him a pack of shells at the touch of a button. Ammunition automatically falls into the ally’s inventory, and if there is no space, it will remain on the floor. The maximum throwing distance of the subject is 15 m.

At the same time, do not rush to rushpiercing-cutting objects. PUBG developers have added the ability to throw knives and other melee weapons at enemies, causing damage. The machete, crowbar and sickle have a maximum throwing range of 40 m. The pan can be thrown 30 meters. Damage dealt is reduced from 75 to 25 units depending on the distance, and the maximum pain is brought by a throw from a distance of up to 15 meters.

The update will affect the balance of the frequency of lossloot on the map of Miramar. Firstly, vending machines will appear on the map, where you can pick up painkillers and energy. Secondly, now assault rifles, Marxman rifles, sights, Win94 and protective equipment will appear more often. At the same time, pistols will be less common.

The map itself did not receive visual improvements, butdevelopers have finalized the landscape. So, on Miramar, a track was added where the “Hand of Death” races were held. Separate small objects and debris around buildings were also removed to reduce clutter on the map, making it easier to move when collecting items.

Developers also updated community missions. Now players with and without a premium ticket can influence the speed of filling the community achievement scale and receive rewards. This time, gamers will explore the battlefield in search of DVDs.

Patch 5.1 has already reached the test PC-servers, and a full release will take place a week later.