PUBG's Survival Skill System, Rapid Fire Shotgun, and Weapon Rebalance

PUBG developers have announced a new update for the game, which will soon appear on test servers.

What is known

With the advent of update 4.3, survival skill will appear - a development system in which players gain experience for completing actions related to survival. The maximum level of survival skill is 500, moreover, the system does not depend on the seasons and zeroing does not threaten you. Players gain experience for collecting and using items, fighting and reviving allies.

For the improvement of survival skills rewards are rewarded:

  • For every 10 levels starting from the 5th, players will be given emblems.
  • For every 10 levels, starting from the 10th, a new background will open.
  • For every 100 levels a new pose will open.

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Developers will also delight players with new ones.weapons that fall only from the "airdrops". DBS is a double-barreled shotgun with a bullpup layout. The weapon store holds 12 rounds, and thanks to the combined mechanics of firing, DBS does great damage in a short amount of time.

The maximum effective shooting range is 100 meters, and holographic or collimator sights, as well as sights from 2x to 6x, are available from shotgun modifications.

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By adding a new shotgun, the developers introducedchanges for this class of weapons. Now the shot is flying along a more realistic trajectory, and the probability of hitting at an average distance has become higher. With increasing distance, damage decreases more noticeably.

The developers have also improved performance and you can read about all the changes on the official PUBG website.