Published a list of cities that are already beginning to quietly sink

According to Nanyang's researchSingapore Institute of Technology (NTU) published in the journal Nature Sustainability, rapid urbanization has resulted in several cities drawing too heavily on groundwater to serve a growing population. As a result, the soil settles. This is especially true for Asian cities.

“Cities that suffer from rapid local land subsidence are at greater risk of flooding than those that may be affected by climate change,” the study says.

Vietnam's most populous urban center andthe main business center, Ho Chi Minh City, is sinking faster than 48 major coastal cities around the world. The southern Bangladeshi port of Chittagong is second on the list, while the Indian city of Ahmedabad, Indonesia's capital Jakarta and Myanmar's commercial hub Yangon are third, fourth and fifth respectively.

“Many of these fast-sagging coastalcities are fast growing metropolitan areas. High demands for groundwater extraction and densely built building structures contribute to local land subsidence,” the study says.

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, by 2050 more than a billion people will live in coastal cities at risk from sea level rise.

IPCC officials argue that global sea levels could rise by 60 cm by the end of the century, even if greenhouse gas emissions fall sharply.

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