Published a video with the never-released Tesla Semi electric truck

Tesla was expected to release the company's first electric truck, the Tesla Semi, back in 2020. But for different reasons

the manufacturer was unable to release the car. But despite this, the company is clearly continuing to work on the project - a video has appeared on the network in which you can see the long-awaited Tesla Semi.

In general, after the [video [(https: // / -6thhrstHeU) on the network, many began to argue that the new product would appear on sale before Tesla Cybertruck. So, for example, unlike an electric pickup, the truck already has a full-fledged pre-production sample, which got into the lens of prying eyes.

Judging by the video, Semi received aerodynamicflaps between the wheels of the first and second pairs, as well as a straighter windshield. Recall that during the concept demonstration, it was more curved. Unfortunately, neither Elon Musk nor Tesla began to specify how soon the Semi will go on sale.