Published exploit for iOS 12.1 and below

Jailbreak enthusiast Linus Hensee has published an exploit for iOS 12.1 and below, using the vulnerability in Safari. how

Hensee notes in his tweet, Apple has already released a patch in the latest version of WebKit, so this exploit is not a zero-day (0-day), but rather the first (1-day).



The exploit is designed to work on both iOS andand on macOS, but additional settings are required to work properly on iOS. But, according to the description on the page on GitHub, he plans to further refine the exploit. Hensee also asked “not to do bad things with this” and noted that “if you are a regular user, it will be useless to you.”

While jailbrokers are at hand vulnerabilities insecurity and all new exploits, this does not mean that before the public release of iOS 12.1 jailbreak is a stone's throw. KeenLab previously demonstrated that such a jailbreak is generally possible, but did not publish it and left it for further testing.

Given these circumstances, we do not recommendYou need to upgrade to iOS 12 if your device is already flashed. If you have not installed jailbreak yet, but want to do it, we also recommend that you stay on the lowest possible version of iOS.