Published official photos of the new Xiaomi Mi 9

There is only a week left until we see new flagships appear on the market, including

There will also be a Xiaomi Mi 9.Many believe that the Chinese manufacturer will make every effort to move Samsung forward. It will be interesting to watch this fight, especially since the Mi 9 promises to be an interesting and exciting option.

Official photo of Mi 9

Photos of the upcomingnew items But today's image — this is not a leak. This is the official render that was published by the co-founder of Xiaomi. In the photo you can see how the young man is holding the new Xiaomi Mi 9 in his hand. The phone has a simply stunning design.

Previously, a video was also posted on the Internet,CEO Lei Jun and Wang Yuan are talking about the new Xiaomi Mi 9. During the conversation, Lei Jun confirmed that Mi 9 will be one of the most powerful smartphones. In total, we can count on four cameras: a triple camera at the back and a front camera for selfie.

Later, these same people appeared in a new video, andthis time, the CEO pointed out the integration of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip in the new product. It was also confirmed once again that the phone will have a surprisingly striking design that will make it stand out from other mobile players in the market. The official renderings are an example of this. From an aesthetic point of view, the Mi 9, however, looks great. The manufacturer used a holographic process with a nanoscale laser, with two layers of painting to achieve this result.

There are also still rumors on the Internet about the Mi 9 versionExplorer Edition, which according to preliminary data will receive as many as 4 cameras at the back. This information caused quite a stir in the World Wide Web and mobile community. Xiaomi co-founder Wang Chuan said that he has been using Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition for some time now, and he has not yet seen more powerful analogues in the world.

We just have to wait a few days to find out all the technical specifications and details of the Xiaomi Mi 9 from official lips.