Qualcomm and Apple make peace: Apple is ready to pay for patents for the sake of the iPhone with 5G

Qualcomm and Apple entered into a settlement and finally agreed to end the legal proceedings that

have been ongoing since the beginning of 2017.

Why did you quarrel?

In short, in early 2017 Apple accusedQualcomm is that it has monopolized the market for smartphone processors and is methodically squeezing opponents out of the market. The amount of the claim was $1 billion. Qualcomm filed a counterclaim, claiming that the iPhone maker violated previously reached agreements. Qualcomm later filed another lawsuit against Apple, alleging that Apple was using the company's patents but not paying for them.

As a result, about 50 lawsuits have already accumulated in 6 countries. And due to patent violations, sales of some iPhone models were even banned in China and Germany.

What do you think

Apple says it and Qualcomm are calling it quitslitigation in all countries, including those proceedings that concern production partners of the Apple company. Apple agrees to pay licensing fees to Qualcomm, but what amounts we are talking about is not specified.

Moreover, the companies have signed severaldocuments on cooperation. Firstly, this is a license agreement, which came into force on April 1 and is designed for 6 years with the possibility of extension for another 2 years. Secondly, this is a multi-year contract for the supply of chipsets.

What now

Looks like Apple will now abandon processorsIntel will return to Snapdragon. Most likely, the company went global for the sake of the Qualcomm 5G modem and the release of the iPhone with support for fifth-generation networks. Let us remember that due to legal disputes, Qualcomm refused to supply such modems to Apple, and Intel delayed the development of its own chips, so the first iPhone with 5G was expected no earlier than 2020–2021.