Qualcomm and Samsung refused to supply Apple 5G modems, so the iPhone with 5G will not be released soon

While more 5G-enabled smartphones are on the market, Apple continues to graze the rear. We have before

wrote that in the near future wait for the iPhone with 5G is definitely not worth it, but it turned out that the situation is even more difficult.

Where to get modems?

Sources of foreign publications assure thatQualcomm and Samsung refused to supply 5G modems for Apple smartphones, although they are ready for them. With Qualcomm, everything is clear: because of the long trials that last more than one year, the company is not going to cooperate with Apple.

But Samsung just reported on the startmass production of own chips with 5G - Exynos Modem 5100. It is installed inside the Galaxy S10 5G, sales of which start today. In addition, the Exynos RF 550 single-chip radio frequency transceiver and the Exynos SM 5800 power modulator, which are also used in the flagship, were also allowed onto the conveyor.

Despite this, Samsung has no plans to sell modems to other manufacturers, including Apple - they are designed only for the company's own needs.

There are still Huawei with its own Balong 5000, but onamid its “cold” relations with the US government, where its equipment for fifth-generation networks is being sabotaged, Apple is unlikely to turn to a Chinese competitor for help.

Now Apple is working with Intel, but its XMM 8160 modems will be released only in 2020. And it is even possible that they will not have time for the debut of the iPhone 2020, which traditionally should be presented in the fall.

What to do?

Therefore, Apple is engaged in the production of its own5G-odemov. According to rumors, there is already even a development team, and some of them are former employees of Qualcomm and Intel. But it will take several years, so, most likely, the first iPhone with 5G support will be released only in 2021.